Thursday, 23 July 2015

Glinting Handmade Tents

Raj Tents is perfectly suited to all kinds of function, we supply wide collection of tents which is ideal for big or small function. Now-a-days everyone make a party in a unique and impressive way so choose the Raj Tents is available in different shape and sizes.

Party Handmade Tents:- We supply Party Handmade Tents in top pointed roof and cream or white color of canvas, Most of the tents gives attractive look but not work on rough weather conditions. This type of tents is perfectly suited in small sizes of parties.

Party Handmade Tents
Advantages of Party Handmade Tents:-
  1. Small in sizes
  2. It is durable and sturdy in nature
  3. Ideal for get together
  4. Withstand on negative weather
  5. Manufacture in this sizes 4m diameter, 5m diameter, 6m diameter 
Exotic Handmade Tents:- We design Exotic Handmade Tents in medium in sizes. Exotic Handmade Tents offer the wide and fancy canvas which gives attractive look to your party. Beautiful boundary is decorate in a elegant style.

Exotic Handmade Tents
Advantages of Exotic Handmade Tents:-
  1. Fabricated with white color of canvas
  2. Beautiful border and tempting fabrics
  3. Sitting arrangement is available under the tent
  4. Suited for any kinds of parties
  5. Sizes of this tent is (4m diameter, 5m diameter, 6m diameter)
Raj Tents are excellent choice for function, parties, wedding, and marriage ceremony. Raj Tents provides aesthetic shelter when the function is celebrate in open lawn and garden. Different types of tents is present in market place but Raj Tents is such an amazing tents which can be selected to adorn and beauty to your wedding celebrations.



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