Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Glinting Handmade Tents

Handmade Tents is developed by professional skilled artist and workers. It is the most selling product of Raj Tent manufacturing company and provide luxurious services on affordable price in market for occasions, events and any kind of celebrations.

Luxury Handmade Tents- Luxury Handmade Tents is excellent and smart white and pink color combination canvas and canvas of this tent is made from standard quality of fabric that make this tent very luxurious and standard.

Luxury Handmade Tents
Luxury Handmade Tents is small in size so easy to design every place such as lawn, gardens etc. this types of tent is looking luxurious and comfortable for guests. This types of tent is available in market on affordable price for wedding ceremony, marriage anniversary and all types of celebrations.

Advantage of Luxury Handmade Tents-
•    Fabric is made by top quality of materials
•    White and pink color combination of canvas is adorable and fascinating
•    Expensive and high class of accessories is used
•    The size of this tent is (3m X 3m, 4m X 4m)
•    Waterproof and sunrays protected

Wedding Handmade Tents- Wedding Handmade Tents is standard quality of tent for wedding occasions. This types of tent is made for huge gathering party and classical party. The upper portion of this tent is made by orange color of canvas and look like a temple.

Wedding Handmade Tents
Wedding Handmade Tents is supported by beautiful poles and inner portion of this tent is made by combination of yellow and orange color of canvas which make affinity center of this tent. The assembling process of this tent is easy because it is small in size.

 Advantage of Wedding Handmade Tents-
•    The size of this tent is 4dia, 4dia and 6dia
•    Canvas is made by orange and yellow color
•    Interior and exterior design of this tent is captivating
•    Used in any harsh weather conditions
•    Used for wedding
•    Assembling process of this tent is uncomplicated and very simple

Raj Tent manufacturer have large collection of tents like Luxury Tents, Traditional Tents, Resort Tents, Outdoor Tents for any events and all product of Raj Tents is fire retarded, water or air proof and UV protected. Raj Tents serve heavy and high class tents with classical facilities to the customers on market price.   



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