Friday, 12 June 2015

Sparkling Indian Tents

Raj Tents have luxurious, comfortable and deluxe type tent is available for all occasion. Raj Tents is set up by talented and experienced crafts person. The main observation of this tent is customer satisfactions. Raj Tents present different categories of tents in different shape and size. 

Designer Indian Tents:-  Raj Tents serve Designer Indian Tents to the customers for enjoying parties and many more functions. The installation process of this tent is very simple and easily handle. The hanging lamp and electric lantern attract more people. This tent is best for small functions.

Designer Indian Tents
Features of Designer Indian Tents-
  1. Good quality of fabric is used
  2. Beautiful color combination.
  3. The canvas of this tent is finished by pink and white color of combination.
  4. It is available in (4m X 6m, 6m X 10m, 8m X 12m, 10m X 15m, 12m X 18m) size
Magnificent Indian Tents:- It is an important invention of Indian Tents. The interior and exterior architecture of this tent is extravagant. This types of tent is looking so pretty and graceful. Magnificent Indian Tents is generally known as beautiful Indian Tent.
Magnificent Indian Tents
Features of Magnificent Indian Tents:-
  1. ·       Available at budget of customers.
  2. ·       Lighting system is so pretty.
  3. ·       It is durable in nature.
  4. ·       The main features of this tent is stylish look and attractive colors.
  5. ·       Marquees quality of this tent is very high.
  6. ·       Size of tent is (4m X 6m, 6m X 10m, 8m X 12m, 10m X 15m, 12m X 18m)
      Raj Tents is Tent Manufacturing Company. Raj Tent have big collection of tent in disparate shape and sizes. The interior and exterior designing is the main strength of this Raj Tents and they give awesome look. 



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